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Our Story


Established in New York in 1999, BuildingLink International was launched in Australia in 2011. Always searching for new growth opportunities, we’re excited to continue our quest to create better liveability.

Let There Be Light


It was the beginning of the dot com explosion, soon to be implosion.  BuildingLink was launched in New York City, the pinnacle of multi-family dwellings. Based on the idea that a smart building database could be coupled with online technology to improve and streamline residential property management, BuildingLink has since rapidly evolved. It is a must-have software application for prestigious buildings across the globe.

The best is yet to come

2018 +

Over the course of 2017, BuildingLink International continued to expand across Asia Pacific, into Macau, Thailand, Taiwan and the UAE.  Always searching for new growth opportunities and constantly improving our business offering. We’re excited to continue our quest to create better liveability within our communities.

Once Upon A Time


The year was 1999.  A building manager tried to contact our founder, by dialing a phone number that he hadn’t used for five years. Realising the system was ineffective and dysfunctional, he created a new way to communicate, connect and stay relevant. BuildingLink was born and so was the first building management software.

Onwards and Upwards


Launching our very first online package tracking system in 2001, and next our cutting-edge mobile application in 2006, one year before the Apple iPhone (okay, we admit we’re a little  proud about this achievement) – BuildingLink hit the ground running and doesn’t plan on stopping for a breather.

In 2008 we introduced our Broadcast function, which has kept countless residents safe in emergency situations.  In fact, during a natural disaster in 2012, BuildingLink delivered over 90,000 phone broadcasts to residents in over 130 buildings. This kept them informed on weather updates and evacuation procedures.

Adding a new level of security to our buildings, we welcomed KeyLink into our product suite in 2010.

Then after managing and consulting on a range of major residential projects across the globe, Niall Marshall launched BuildingLink International in Australia.  Identifying a desperate need to better manage and connect communities, Niall introduced the BuildingLink software to a number of Australian developers. One of the first client was the Sydney Olympic Park redevelopment, who are still using our technology today.

In 2013, BuildingLink International made its way to Asia, with our portfolio expanding into a number of high-end residential buildings in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam and Papua New Guinea. This was followed by an incredible milestone for BuildingLink in 2015 when we launched the 3000th active building and created the 1 millionth resident account.  Ta-da!

Our very own product development centre, BuildingLink Labs, was opened in 2016.  And in 2017, a fresh new influx of technological genius was introduced.  From fitness centre sensors and the Amazon Alexa integrated BuildingLink Skill, to our public API – BuildingLink International continues to bring industry-leading tech to our product offering.