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Build-to-rent | The BuildingLink International Advantage

admin - November 5, 2018 - 0 comments

As an alternative long-term investment option, high-density build-to-rent developments are predicted to lead and accelerate the growth of rental properties throughout Australia in the next decade. Appealing to institutional investors and developers, the build-to-rent sector provides affordable, high quality, long-term housing – giving unprecedented security to tenants and a low-risk, ongoing revenue stream to developers.

With long-term tenancy paramount to obtaining a higher investment yield, it’s critical to ensure each building’s community is well-managed, streamlined and connected.  Enter BuildingLink International.

Having operated in the build-to-rent sector in the US for nearly 20 years, our team has the knowledge, skill and track record to successfully provide end-to-end community management systems in this market. Working with large global investors and multifamily property managers, including Brookfield and Greystar, BuildingLink software offers tenants a sophisticated, easy and convenient lifestyle, which naturally leads to better long-term rental yields for your developments.

As the build-to-rent market gathers momentum in Australia, it will be increasingly important to offer features that enhance liveability for your tenants. Including a software system that delivers effortless communication, and streamlines services such as parcel delivery, concierge (virtual or physical), fitness equipment availability, voice-activated commands, and scheduled maintenance – can be a game changer for your property. The traditional approach to managing property in Australia will no longer cut the mustard when it comes to managing build-to-rent assets.

If you’re considering or about to enter the build-to-rent Australian market, we’d love to show you how BuildingLink community management software can provide an end-to-end solution, helping you to capitalise on this opportunity.

Adding intrinsic value to your development, BuildingLink International facilitates community connection and growth, through new technology and innovative thinking. Changing the way residents live, through our cloud-based Community Management System, we provide the key to better liveability in residential, multi-dwelling and mixed-use developments.

Are build-to-rent developments on your future radar?

Get in touch with our team to discuss your community management software and how it can be used to enhance your build-to-rent offering. Email us at to arrange an appointment.