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Need a trusted Building Manager for your project?

admin - July 10, 2018 - 0 comments

Speak to BuildingLink International first.

More than a Community Management System for your development, did you know that BuildingLink International can add value to your project by connecting you with the right Building Manager.

Based on our strong connections and recognising the value that BuildingLink adds to developments, developers often ask us to recommend Building Managers that will maintain an effective level of management for new projects.

In advocating a Building Manager, our team ensures that the person, strata or building management company is using the BuildingLink system to its fullest potential.  With a progressive mindset, they will recognise the value of a well-maintained building and will understand it’s importance in driving happier, more engaged and connected residents. This of course, leads to a significant increase of repeat purchases in upcoming projects, longer tenancies, and higher yields.  It’s a winning strategy for all stakeholders.

By cultivating close relationships with the strata and building management companies who are using BuildingLink, our team always have our finger on the pulse, and are able to discern who is making the most of our cloud-based system. With transparency being a key feature of the BuildingLink system, we can access each property instantly and pull the usage figures.  This enables BuildingLink International to not only further educate each user, but also to offer a building management recommendation which will help your development thrive and succeed.

Ready to find the right Building Management fit for your development?

Please call our HQ on 02 8015 5276 or email us at to chat further about your requirements and the perfect solution for your building.