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Need to reduce contractor risk in your building? Let us introduce you to the Vendor Compliance Module

admin - January 29, 2019 - 0 comments

Created by your local BuildingLink partners, the initial release of the VCM provides a new level of functionality for our Managers, with more features to follow in the near future. As one of our first key programming initiatives, the VCM has been specifically designed for the APAC region. Now also implemented by our BuildingLink partners in the US, this new tech provides unprecedented functionality in the vendor compliance space.


What is the Vendor Compliance Module (VCM)?

The VCM system provides you with a central database to record essential details and to store compliance documents for all the contractors who undertake work within your building. From lift companies and pool cleaners, to window cleaners and tradespeople, the VCM ensures you have all contractor certifications and qualifications on file and in the one place.

Necessary for ensuring that your suppliers are reliable, provide quality workmanship and can meet project deadlines, the VCM contributes significantly to improving your operational efficiency.


How does the VCM work?

Maintaining a register of all your buildings’ contractors, the VCM enables you to upload their certified documents, including insurance, building permits, licence details and site induction information. Upon entering the documentation into BuildingLink’s VCM, you also input key details such as expiration dates. Once this information is in the system, the VCM will automatically send an alert to management, thirty days prior to the expiry of the relevant licence or insurance policy.

Management can then prompt each contractor to update their details and send the new documentation, where it can be entered into the VCM.  If updated compliance documentation is not received, management can then restrict the ability for contractors to receive work orders.

While BuildingLink is not the regulator for government compliance, we have diligently created a comprehensive template outlining what is required, along with renewal and update reminders that enable effective and hassle-free vendor compliance.


VCM Benefits

Considerably reducing your short and long-term risk in regard to works undertaken at your property, the VCM also helps you to save on owner’s corporation insurance premiums, which then flows back to all residents. Also offering huge time-saving benefits, the VCM’s automated functionality means less time spent on admin. That’s a win-win!


Available now within your BuildingLink software system, the Vendor Compliance Module is ready for you to implement in your building. If you’d like to learn more about the VCM process, please get in touch with our BuildingLink team by emailing today.